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General Introduction 

Law Faculty ensures providing quality education on BA and MA levels. Academic and invited staff at the faculty are highly qualified professionals and their work includes teaching along with scientific-research component. The faculty actively cooperates with higher educational institutions, governmental and private sectors in every field of study, which can be considered as the best mean to accumulate knowledge for empirical research activities.

At the same time, faculty students are engaged in the practical work at partner institutions either individually or in the frame of memorandums of understanding.

All the above mentioned creates the basis for accumulating knowledge, upcoming research activities and deepening it in every direction available. We plan to establish journal of law on unlimited variety of topics in the field.

Basic Indicators

Development of Georgian law is a very dinamic process, which can not be limited with narrow national frames. European orientation of the country and according to the obligations envisaged in Association Agreement, local legal space should be developed based on harmonized and unified legal basis. This, first of all, shall be achieved through researching European law, practice analisys and adapting them to Georgian reality. The purpose of creating a scientific forum is to play the significant role in this process.

European orientation does not preclude taking the positive experiences of other cultures into consideration and research papers, which can be beneficial for developing the existing legal system, will be published without any obstacles.

Researches aroung the existing legal system, which should be conducted through comparativistic method, are given priorities by the editing committee. However, an appropriate place will be yielded for papers in History and Philosophy of Law, also works performed in combination with other contiguous fields.

The Circle of Researchers

The circle of persons, whose works will be published in the journal, is not limited. Works of experienced researchers as well as beginners, are acceptable. Students’ input in researches and generalizing their results will be exceptionally promoted. What’s more, we are open to researches performed through interdisciplinary methodology.

IBSU’s students will be encouraged to get involved in the project – “Georgian Court Practice Research”, results of which will be presented in the specific rubric of the journal

Periodicity, reffering, format

The journal will be published, at least, once in a year. Taking the amount of presented materials into account, we consider issuing special publications, for any specific sub-field or group of authors, especially students’ forum.

The materials to be published, will be edited by foreign specialists. Editors’ board will decide upon publishing an article. The board will be comprised of IBSU’s academic staff, as well as other distinguished specialists.

The publication will be bilingual: Georgian and English. Authors are required to hand the work in both languages. Hard copies as well as online versions of the journal will be available.

The journal includes the following rubrics: 

Scientific Articles
Forum of Practicing Lawyers
Students’ forum
Translations of Distinguished Scientific Works
Court Practice Analisys
Significant Legislative News
Significant Scientific Publications

To present an article, one should send it to the following e-mail :

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