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The Center for International Studies

The Center for International Studies was founded in 2018. It includes 7 permanent members and 15 volunteers (students).
The Center is divided into the following directions: 1. American Studies; 2. Geopolitics and Black Sea Region; 3. EU studies; 4. China Studies.


The main aims of the Center are as follows:

  1. Intensive cooperation with similar organizations – educational institutions, governmental agencies on the central and municipal level, NGOs, research centers, diplomatic missions, international intergovernmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations, commercial organizations etc.
  2. To promote practical knowledge established on the knowledge gained by the representatives of the center in the fields of international relations, national security, development of democratic institutions, fundamental principles of human rights, American Studies, EU Studies, oriental studies, geopolitics, crisis management, etc.
  3. To study and analyze political, economic, security and other relevant events which are going on in Georgia and different regions of the world;
  4. To promote regional cooperation according to the principles and norms of international law by peaceful means;
  5. Working out on preventive mechanisms for preventing potential conflicts and searching and analysis for the determination the possible ways for the conflict resolution in Caucasus, Black Sea Region and other parts of the World;
  6. Strengthening the relations with the ethnical and religious minorities in Georgia.

Main Forms of Activities

  1. Preparation of projects proposals and working over different programs and projects in the fields: world politics, world economy, regional security, EU studies, American studies, China studies, democracy/human rights, etc.;
  2. Organization of various scientific events (conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings, public lectures, etc.);
  3. Establishing a network and promoting cooperation with those organizations, activities of which coincide with the interest of the Center and its divisions. Particularly, conduct negotiations with the diplomatic missions residing in Georgia, educational institutions, similar strategic-research centers, etc.;
  4. Participation in scientific events;
  5. Doing research and produce publications in the forms of articles and books;
  6. Working out appropriate recommendations for the governmental agencies related to implementation of the foreign policy and national security priorities of Georgia.

CAS About

CAS-Center for American Studies

Uniqueness of interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary American Studies field involving a wide scope of humanitarian disciplines encouraged us to open American Studies Research center, designed to explore the U.S. from different angles: American History, American Literature, American Culture & Society, and Multicultural Studies in the U.S, American Women’s Studies, American Media, and American Politics. The center will engage its members in writing articles for the Annual American Studies International Research Conference, held in cooperation with the U.S Embassy in Georgia; prepare articles for the IBSU Scientific Journal; host & cooperate with visiting professors, invited specially for the American Studies department by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia; involve American Studies specialists in projects proposed by the U.S. Embassy

A vibrant multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary American Studies field with its own theories, methods and application, provides a wide scope of research areas for conducting research by the highly professional Georgian and American scholars, joined by the American Studies doctoral students; providing research with the invaluable U.S. Embassy library donated to the center by the U.S. Ambassador Richard Norland in 2015.


Visit of Elisabeth Rood 

On Monday, April 2, 2018 the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy, Charge’ d’affairs’ (CDA) of America Elizabeth H. Rood visited the American Studies students and professors of the Faculty of Education and Humanities at the International Black Sea University. Elizabeth Rood discussed the current state of U.S.- Georgia relations and answer their questions.

Ms. Rood underlined the importance of research in the interdisciplinary American Studies area carried out by Georgian scholars and doctorates, as Americans are always interested how the U.S. is viewed by Americanists from outside the country.

AMSIRC – American Studies Annual International Research Conference

“US-Georgian Relations are fostered more through the American Studies Annual Conference”- said the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly on November 20, 2017 at the 10th International Research Conference on American Studies, which was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between US and Georgia by the IBSU American Studies program, and the 5th AMSIRC in 2012 dedicated to the 20th year of US-Georgian diplomatic relations, was also widely celebrated.

International Black Sea University has a long and firm tradition of collaborating with U.S. Embassy, therefore the US Ambassadors to Georgia: John Tefft, John Bass, Richard Norland, Ian Kelly have been opening the AMSIRC conference since the day of its establishment (2008).

Round Table

On 22 June, 2017,  Faculty of Education and Humanities of International Black Sea University in collaboration with the Caucasus Center hold round table discussion on: ”Conflict Resolution Modalities in Aegis of the Black Sea Region: Balkans and Caucasus Conflict Comparative Analysis”.

During the round table two students of Caucasus Studies M.A. direction of the Faculty of Education and Humanities Sarah Nesher and Elizabeth Carlson presented topics regarding the resolution of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

At the end of the presentations there was a discussion in the scope of the above-mentioned topics. Participants of the round table were Experts of the Caucasus Studies and Head of the Caucasus Studies MA program at International Black Sea University.

Book publication- Culture and Society of the U.S

On June 9, 2017, International Black Sea University and Silk Road Research Scientific Institute organized a book presentation of the Dean of the faculty of Education and Humanities, Coordinator of American Studies programs Prof. Tamar Shioshvili.

The name of the book is Culture and Society of the U.S dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Georgia.

Representatives of different organizations were invited to the event. Guests from the U.S. Embassy such as Deputy Chief of Mission Nicholas Berliner and other representatives attended to the presentation. Lecturers of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Director of the American Studies Institute of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Prof.  Vasil Kacharava and professors of American Studies attended the presentation as well.

Prof. Dr. Eka Avaliani 
Director of Center for Interdisciplinary Studies          
Doctor of Historical Sciences 

Prof. Dr. Roman Gotsiridze       
Head of the Economic Research Direction    
Doctor of Economic Sciences   

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tamta Tskhovrebadze
Affiliate Associate Professor in International Relations 
Doctor of Political Science

Givi Amaglobeli
Invited Lecturer 
PhD-c in Philosophy

Within the framework of the World Forum “Belt and Road” (hosting 1500 guests, among them presidents of 29 countries, Businessmen, President of World Bank, US Secretary of State, high officials of governments) held in the capital of China – Beijing, the two parallel centers under the name “SINO-GEORGIA COMPETENCE CENTER” were established in Beijing at the University of International Business and Economy (UIBE) and the International Black Sea University as a result of the memorandum signed by the rectors of UIBE and IBSU. The aim of the center is to conduct cooperative researches, thus consulting the potential investors, involve MA and PhD students in exchange – research programs, etc., and in this way contribute to the development of economy in Georgia.  At the moment: Georgia within “One Belt One Road” – the Perspectives of Successful Integration – research, conducted by Ketevan Puturidze in Beijing is in print at IBSU.

Prof. Dr. Nika Chitadze
Head of the Center for International Studies
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Phone: +9952595005 
Vakhtang Maisaia
Supervisor of the Geopolitics and Black Sea Region Direction
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